In a meeting of National Committee of Saffron in Khorasan Razavi Province, Dr. Hossein Zeinali noted that the main policy of the Medicinal Plants National Plan is to supply standard seeds, “it is necessary to invest in medicinal plants standard seed and seedling production. This is the foundation of medicinal plants development.”

He indicated that, to produce standard coriander, cumin and saffron bulb seeds, limited certificates will be issued with the aim of producing medicinal plants standard agricultural inputs and with the collaboration of the office of the Medicinal Plants Plan and Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute.

Zeinali said, “At the moment, the procedure to issue certificates for cumin seeds in Fariman County and coriander seeds in Nahavand County is under way.”

In the limited certificates, items such as weeds, disease, germination, moisture and external particles are taken into consideration by the Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute and a license is issued. It is on the producers to guarantee the genetic authenticity of the seeds.