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Release date : Monday 10 June 2019 - 19:05

Medicinal Plants Cultivation, a Substitute for Rafsanjan Pistachio Production

Medicinal Plants Cultivation, a Substitute for Rafsanjan Pistachio Production

Referring to the decrease in pistachio production, head of Rafsanjan governorate said, “A substitute cultivation can economically help this province.”

According to a report by Medicinal Plants News Agency quoting Mehr News Agency, in the sidelines of Rosa damascena harvest ceremony, referring to the importance of Rafsanjan pistachio production,  Majid Fasihi Herandi noted, “The production of pistachio has dropped due to lack of water resources, soil quality decrease and price increase, therefore, a substitute cultivation can economically help this province.”

Majid Fasihi Herandi added, “Resistance Economy Council of the Province with the support of Vali Asr University as well as the private sector, has intended to have substitute cultivation and increase the cultivation area of saffron, Rosa damascena, barberry and greenhouse plants. This substitute cultivation development can give hope to the farmers of Rafsanjan that it will boost employment and bring prosperity to the region.”

He indicated, “We welcome those who wish to take part, we will assist them  and provide the backgrounds for licenses and permits as well as technical support, to the point that this substitute cultivation is developed and employment, increased.” Head of Agriculture Jihad Organization of Rafsanjan Province also added, “In alliance with the Agriculture Jihad policies in terms of substitute cultivation, Rosa damascena happens to be a very good product, therefore the cultivation area of this plant is increasing in Rafsanjan.”   

Hossein Rezaee referred to the shortage of processing equipment, which he hoped it would be compensated for in the future, and added, “So far Rosa damascena is sold as buds and flowers in Rafsanjan. The head of Agriculture Jihad Organization of Rafsanjan Province further noted, “We have had 2.5 tonnes of harvest per hectare for this species, and for one square meter of water, 1.5 dollar is made for this country.”

He Pointed out that 1 kilogram of this flower, is worth over 100,000 toman, which can have a great market as well, “Rosa damascena needs an annual of only 4500 to 5000 square meters of water, does not have pests, does not require chemical fertilizers and is a healthy product.”

He indicated that so far, 20 hectares of Rosa damascena exist in the province and 40 tonnes of fresh flower will be harvested. “Rosa damascena is compatible with little water and heat and it has been cultivated with 4500 IC without any problems. Rezaee added, “10 to 30 million toman of facilities with low interest rate, will be given to those willing to cultivate barberry, saffron and medicinal plants.”


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