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Release date : Wednesday 9 December 2020 - 0:16

The Importance of Networking in the Novel Systems of Agricultural Education and Extension

The Importance of Networking in the Novel Systems of Agricultural Education and Extension

Agriculture has moved past four generations; digital and smart farming is among the last stages.

According to Iranian Agriculture News Agency, in the closing ceremony of the 8th National Congress of Agricultural Extension and Education Sciences, Natural Resources and Sustainable Environment, which was held  virtually from 27th October to 29th October, 2020, Eskandar Zand, the adviser to the Minister of Agriculture Jihad, in addition to emphasizing the importance of networking in the new system of agricultural education and extension, said, “Maroojin Pahneh Network, Moin Researchers Network, Senior Maroojan Research and relevant networks have been established.”

He further noted that the use of the new capacities such as novel extension systems has made the extension for the use of data, “working with internet capacities, applications as well as the cyberspace has been emphasized.”

Zand referred to the fact that foresight has been taken into consideration in the novel extension systems. 

The adviser to the Minister of Agriculture Jihad said that in the future, agriculture will depend on knowledge and a sustainable economy will ensue. “Agriculture depended on resources before knowledge.”

The official of the National Convention on Biodiversity further stated, “education and extension will develop through connections, which requires a powerful database, effective applications as well as virtual organizations.”


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