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Release date : Tuesday 19 January 2016 - 14:18

Collaboration Agreements Signed Between Iran and Two Countries, Germany and Slovenia

Collaboration Agreements Signed Between Iran and Two Countries, Germany and Slovenia

Islamic Republic of Iran’s minister of Agriculture Jihad, Mahmoud Hojjati, in two separate meetings with Agriculture Minister of Germany and Minister of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia, indicated that bilateral collaboration in the field of agriculture and medicinal plants will be expanded between the countries.

In a trip to Berlin for the Agriculture Ministers’ Summit, Mahmoud Hojjati met with his German counterpart, Christian Schmidt, the two held talks about the issues that were of interest to their countries.

After signing a collaboration agreement with his German counterpart, the minister of Agriculture Jihad, said, “One of the issues signed in this collaboration agreement between the two countries, was regarding  medicinal plants’ cultivation and processing as well as their marketing.”

Hojjati said, “At the moment we are witnessing that herbal medicine is being greatly received by the public.” Referring to one of the issues of the collaboration agreement as being water and irrigation, the minister of Agriculture Jihad added,”In respect to issues concerning irrigation and specially in relation to irrigation appliances, we have reached certain agreements with one of the German companies.”

In a visit with the minister of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, Zdravko Pocivalesk, Mahmoud Hojjati indicated that downstream agriculture industry and medicinal plants are among the shared collaborations between Iran and Slovenia, then went on to say, “With respect to the needs of the world market today, the two countries can cooperate in the fields such as  production, processing and extraction of medicinal plants’ active compounds.”

Source: IRINN

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