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Quarterly Publication of Iran’s Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Journal, Issued

Quarterly Publication of Iran’s Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Journal, Issued

Number 1, volume 32 of the quarterly publication of Iran’s Medicinal and Aromatic Plants was issued with 15 scientific and research papers.

Number 1, volume 32 of the quarterly publication of Iran’s Medicinal and Aromatic Plants was issued with 15 scientific and research papers.

This scientific-research quarterly publication has been presenting the latest research achievements in the field of medicinal plants since 2014 by Iran’s Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands.

The following is the list of all the papers included in this quarterly publication:

1- Study of essential oil content and composition of six populations of Satureja rechingeri Jamzad in farm condition

Writer: F. Sefidkon*, R. Taebnia and M. Mirza

Pages: 1-13

Keywords: Satureja rechinger Jamzad, populations, essential oils, carvacrol

2- Investigation of seed germination, establishment and identification of different Thymus species available in Natural Resources Gene Bank of Iran

Writers: M. Nasiri1*, S.E. Seedian and E. Sharifi Ashorabadi

Pages: 115-126

Keywords: Establishment, identification, medicinal plants, Thymus, viability.

3- Short-term effects of Melissa officinalis L. extract supplementation on inflammatory response and the perceived the pain of downhill running in young trained swimmers

Writers: Gh. Yengi Maleki1*, A. Hemat-far and N. Heidari

Pages: 127-137

Keywords: Melissa officinalis L., circulating reactive protein, delays fatigue, perceived soreness, eccentric activity.

4- Effect of nano chelated iron on essential oil percentage and essential oil compounds of Rosa damascena Mill.

Writers: M. Layeghhaghighi1, M. Hassanpour Asil and B. Abbaszadeh*

Pages: 138-127

Keywords: Nonadecane, hexadecanol, citronellol, foliar spray, nano chelated Iron.

5- Effect of packing, storage temperature and period on mechanical and physical properties and saffron (Crocus sativus L.) corms waste

Writers: M.H. Saeidirad1*, P.Sharayei and S.Zarifneshat

Pages: 14-22

Keywords: Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) corm, maintain, packaging, storage temperature.

6- Effect of Zataria multiflora Boiss. essential oils on prevention of liver injuries in rats treated with carbon tetrachloride

Writers: M.H. Abdolmohammadi 1*, A. Dadkhah and M. Babaei

Pages: 148-160

Keyword: Zataria multiflora Boiss., carbon tetrachloride, liver, rat.

7- Effects of air velocity and infrared radiation intensity on drying factors of lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora Kunth.)

Writers: M.T. Ebadi, F. Sefidkon, M. Azizi and N. Ahmadi*

Pages: 161-173

Keywords: Lippia citriodora Kunth., drying, infrared radiation, essential oil, citral.

8- Effects of iron foliar application on the number and size of glandular trichomes and essential oil content and composition of holy basil (Ocimum sanctum L.) at first and second harvests.

Writers: E. Moghadam, M. Mahmoodi Sourestani*, Z. Ramazani, A. Farrokhian Firoozi and F. Eskandari

Pages: 174-188

Keywords: Essential oil, eugenol, holy basil (Ocimum sanctum L.), glandular trichomes, nano iron chelate.

9- Susceptibility of the common pistachio psyllid (Agonoscena pistaciae Burkhardt and Lauterer) to several plant extracts in laboratory.

Writers: F. Salehi and M.A. Samih*

Pages: 23-34

Keywords: Agonoscena pistaciae, Ricinus communis L., Sophopra alopecuriodes L., Thymus vulgaris L., Rosmarinus officinalis Save., lethality.

10- Study of variability in growth, antioxidant defense system and protein content by zinc element application in periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don.) under salinity stress

Writers: M. Askary*, F. Amini and L. Hosseinpour

Pages: 35-46

Keywords: Proline, alleviator, superoxide dismutase, catalase, guaiacol peroxidase.

11- Elements uptake in Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) under the effect of mycorrhiza and Piriformospora indica and vermicompost

Writers: B. Abbaszadeh* and F. Zakerian

Pages: 47-59

Keywords: Balm (Melissa officinalis L.), vermicompost, mycorrhiza, semimycorrhiza, essential oil.

12- Effect of long-term storage of Artemisia dracunculus L. essential oil on antioxidant capacity and LD50 value

Writers: Gh. Jalilzadeh-Amin*, N. Shamshiri and J. Aliakbarlu

Pages: 60-70

Keywords: Acute toxicity, storage, Artemisia dracunculus L., antioxidant.

13- Evaluation of antioxidant enzymes activities, proline, soluble sugars, photosynthetic pigments and essential oils of Mentha piperita L. in response to foliar application of salicylic acid and manganese stress

Writers: D. Rasouli*, M. Solouki, B. Fakheri and S. Esmaelzadeh Bahabadi

Pages: 71-82

Keywords: Chlorophyll, essential oil, Mentha piperita L., oxidative enzymes, proline.

14-  Effect of explants type and plant growth regulators on in vitro callus induction and shoot regeneration of Cannabis sativa L.

Writers: M. Movahedi, V. Ghasemiomran* and S. Torabi

Pages: 83-97

Keywords: Growth regulators, micropropagation explants, Cannabis sativa L., callus.

15- Variations in chemical components of essential oils in 25 accessions of damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.)

Writers: B. Yoosefi*, H.R. Ghasempoor, B. Yousefi, S.R. Tabaeii Aghdaie and K. Jaimand

Pages: 98-114

Keywords: Rosa damascena Mill., essential oils, gas chromatography, chemical components, multivariable analysis.



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