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Release date : Tuesday 15 August 2017 - 13:39

Medicinal plants’ Greenhouse Complex to be Opened in Golestan Province

Medicinal plants’ Greenhouse Complex to be Opened in Golestan Province

The governor of Galikash County said, “A greenhouse complex specialized in growing medicinal plants is to be opened in this county.”

According to a report by the News and Educational Network of Medicinal Plants, the governor of Galikash, Hasan Khosravi, said, “The complex is situated three kilometers west of Agh Ghomeish village. It is agreed that the Agriculture Jihad Organization should allocate equal credits to the development credits, for this project.”

He further noted, “In this complex, it is planned to cultivate a variety of medicinal plants such as, saffron, aloysia citrodora, Rosa damascena, and many more plants, suitable to the regional climate. At the moment, curbing, electrical installation, plumbing and other fundamental facilities are being done.”

Khosravi stressed, “This complex is established through an agreement between the province’s governor’s office and its Agriculture Jihad Organization. This is a provincial complex of medicinal plants.”

The governor of Galikash indicated, “It is planned to isolate water of the regions of Golestan, Aab Bandan Ghargh of Aagh Ghomeish village. Provided that they do not implement the plan, it is required to equip 200 thousand hectares of the downstream lands with modern irrigation systems.”

Khosravi concluded, “Also, some 300,000 hectares of steep lands of Kondeskuh village of Galikash county are to be planned and prepared for new orchards.”

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