The latest issue of the scientic and research journal of “Agriculture and Technology of Saffron” was published by the University of Torbat e Heydarieh. There are 5 papers concerning saffron in this journal.

1- Study of Genetic Variation in Some Iranian Saffron Accessions Using Molecular Markers of RAPD and ISSR

Pages 257-265, Majid Shokrpour, Zeinab Abedi, Siamak Kalantari, Seyed Alireza Salami  

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2- The Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Some Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Samples of Iran Using RAPD Marker

Pages 267-277, Fereshteh Babaee, Zahra Tahmasebi, Hasan Feyzi, Arash Fazeli

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3- Modeling the Chemical and Microbial Changes of Saffron Flower During Storage Using Artificial Neutral Networks and Genetic Algorithm

Pages 279-289, Elham Azarpazhooh, Ahmad Ehtiati, Parvin Sharayei

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4- Identification of Apo-Carotenoids Crocin Isomers in Saffron Crude Extracts by HPLC Coupled to Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization and High Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

Pages 291-300, Noraddin Hosseinipour Azad, Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh, Govani Gouliano, Gholam Ali Ranjbar, Ahad Yamchi

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5-  Effect of Saffron Petal Extract on Retention Quality of Fresh -cut Watermelon Cubes

Pages 301-312, Hamed Kaveh

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6- A Comparative Study of Information Searching Behavior of Elite Saffron Farmers with that of Normal Saffron Farmers in the South Khorasan Province

Pages 313-334, Somaye  Zadeh Rahim, Iraj Radad, Hassan Behzadi

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