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Release date : Saturday 23 May 2015 - 11:41

Sattari’s Recommendation to Establish Medicinal Plants Research Center in Lorestan

Sattari’s Recommendation to Establish Medicinal Plants Research Center in Lorestan

Vice-president for Science and Technology announced the support of medicinal plants research centers in Lorestan and said, “Any professor can present a paper in one or several of the world’s top 50 journals and a center will be supported.”

Sorena Sattari, Vice-president for Science and Technology and head of National Elites Foundation, in a visit with the academic members of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences said, “Lorestan province has vast capacities and potentials in agriculture and medicinal plants.”

He added, “The research center in agriculture and medicinal plants in Lorestan province will strongly be supported.”

Sattari  highlighted the research plans in the field of medicinal plants in Lorestan and stated, “Providing that the plans of this center can be evaluated and held accountable, there will be a possibility of investment and assistence in medicinal plants equipment.”

Head of National Elites Foundation stated, “If we want the research center for medicinal plants to thrive, it needs to relate to the country’s medicinal plants council.”

He went on to say, “The interaction between the country’s research center and science-based companies must be a win-win relationship.”

He emphasized the scientific activities  and mental abilities besides commercialization, and stated that this will be accomplished with the wide participation of university students and professors.

“Only 20 precent of professors and faculty members of universities have the ability to found a company and commercialize, therefore, in case a professor is able to present their paper in one or several of the worlds top 50 journals, they will be supported and a center will be opened for these people.”, Vice-president for Science and Technology said.

Sattari emphasized the need for the capacity increase of science-based companies to absorb students, and said that some conditions are required to allow university graduates to work for Science-based companies.

He further informed the universities of the willingness to support the trade of the science-based products, and said that whatever sum these universities’ science-based companies are able to sell their technology for, a percentage of the total amount sold, will be allocated to these universities.

Source: Shabestan News

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