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Release date : Saturday 17 October 2015 - 14:03

Iran is the 8th Country in the World to Produce Honey

Iran is the 8th Country in the World to Produce Honey

The deputy minister of Livestock Production of Agriculture Jihad, announcing that Iran has gained 8th place in the world in production of honey, went on to say, “Iran’s production of honey is 78 thousand tonnes, 5 thousand tonnes of which, is exported to the target countries”

According to IRNA, Hassan Rokni attended a ceremony on Thursday, in Nemati Jam Hall of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, in which the trademark logo of the product quality of beekeeping industry (Exir) was unveiled. He said, “Having exported this amount of honey, we have now been able to break the record in this regard.”

“One of the main works of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad is to complete the chain of  agricultural commodity productions.” He added, “In the recent years, great efforts have been made in the field of  poultry. However, they are not sufficient.”

As reported by him, at the beginning of the plan for the chain completion, 4 to 5 percent of the work was done in the production sections, but at the moment, this number has risen to 15 percent, and we are hoping for the number to reach 80 percent.

Concerning the production of honey and the completion of the chains from production to consumption,  the deputy minister of Agriculture Jihad said, “The production of some commodities has limited revenues. For instance, the revenue  from the production of livestock and poultry is only the protein that is used, whereas, the revenue from the honey bee is multi-dimensional.”

** World price of royal jelly is $400 per kilo.

The deputy minister of Agriculture Jihad said, “In nature, there is another product other than honey, that is produced by honey bees,and that is royal jelly (the queen bee’s food).”

“In Iran, on average 10 to 12 kilos of honey as well as 10 to 12 grams of royal jelly is taken from a beehive. A kilo of honey is about 5 to 6 dollars and a kilo of royal jelly (queen bee’ food) is between 300 to 400 dollars in the world market.” He added.

“From a single beehive in China, about 12 kilos of royal jelly is taken and some other countries have also had similar records. Therefore, if we are able to increase the royal jelly production up to a kilo, we will receive value added up to several times the production of each kilogram of honey.” He said.

He believes that the quality and quantity boost of agricultural products in farms and gardens are the result of  pollinating of the honey bees in nature. Therefore, the development of beekeeping industry can resolve some of the agricultural issues.



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