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Release date : Monday 19 February 2018 - 12:47

Iranian Traditional Medicine Facilitates Medicinal Plants Production Boost

Iranian Traditional Medicine Facilitates Medicinal Plants Production Boost

Managing Director of Traditional Medicine Department of Ministry of Health and Medical Education said, “On the introduction of Iranian Traditional Medicine to the health and medical system of our country, an opportunity has arisen to develop and produce medicinal plants and natural-based products.”

In the International Conference on Agricultural Sciences, Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine in Mashhad, Dr. Mohammad Khodadoust further noted, “By merging Iranian Traditional Medicine and Modern medicine in the country’s medical system, Traditional Medicine has been accepted as part of Iran’s medical system at the moment, and it is being incorporated into modern medicine and used together.”

He stated that giving Iranian Traditional Medical services, requires medicinal plants production as well as manufacturing and supplying herbal medicine, “there was a one hundred -and-fifty year interval and pause in Iran from Traditional Medicine, which was spent due to physicians’ disbelief in the medicine. However, it was people’s faith in these kinds of treatment that resumed the practice.”

He considers attentiveness to production cycle and introducing herbal medicine to physicians as means to boosting medicinal plants production, “in order for doctors to prescribe herbal medicine, it is required for them to have knowledge of herbal products to trust them. Therefore, drawing the focus to this cycle is necessary for enhancing the consumption of herbal products.”

Khodadoust referred to China’s success in providing traditional medical services and that it was due to the laws passed by its government, “traditional medicine was entered to China and India’s health system in the 50s; however, this was done in Iran in 2007.”

He concluded, “According to the general policies of Iran, institutionalizing Iranian Traditional Medicine in our country’s health system has been obligatory and a lot has been accomplished in this respect, since 2007.”

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