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Release date : Monday 28 August 2017 - 10:48

Iran Produces Alhagi Seeds for the First Time

Iran Produces Alhagi Seeds for the First Time

Alhagi seeds were produced for the first time in Iran in Qaen of South Khorasan Province.

According to a report by IRIB, the seeds have been produced in a 50-hectare farm of Chahak Mousavieh village, and by next month, the seeds of alhagi will be harvested for the first time in Qaen.

Having visited the farm, head of Agriculture Jihad Organization of South Khorasan Province, said, “So far, 1500 kilograms of seeds have been harvested from the 50 hectares. It is estimated that, this number will rise to 2000 kilograms, in the first stage.”

Vali Pour Motlagh considered the cultivation of this native plant in compliance with the economy of resistance and added, “The study as well as the cultivation of alhagi seeds started in 2015 in Chahak Mousavieh village. Once deemed successful, it is planned to be cultivated in 5000 hectares of the Sarbisheh and Khusf county.

He added, “The cultivation of this enduring plant, is suitable for desert climates and the shortage of water in South Khorasan Province. This, will not only help nitrogen fixation and restore the degraded lands, but it also provides and produces fodder for livestock. Different parts of the plant, including manna of hedysarum and alhagi extract are used as medicine.”

Head of Agriculture Jihad Organization of South Khorasan Province also indicated that alhagi seeds are being dispatched to Fars and Kerman Province.

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