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Release date : Monday 6 August 2018 - 14:01

700 Tonnes of Rosa damascena Harvested in Kurdistan Province This Year

700 Tonnes of Rosa damascena Harvested in Kurdistan Province This Year

Executive manager of Medicinal Plants National plan of Agriculture Jihad Organization of Kurdistan Province, said, “In 100 hectares of orchard areas cultivated by dryland farming or irrigation, this year,on average seven tonnes of Rosa damascena was harvested per hectare, making a total of 700 tonnes.”

In an interview with IRNA reporter, Mohammad Moradi stated, “The harvest of Rosa damascena starts from June 6 and continues up to July 6, during this time the harvest of this flower takes place at two-to-three-day intervals.”

This medicinal plant expert of Agriculture Jihad Organization of Kurdistan Province further noted, “This organization supports Rosa damascena cultivation development. At the moment it is producing two units of Rosa damascena greenhouse saplings compatible with this province’s climate and providing farmers with those saplings.”

Moradi stressed,”One of these units is situated in Sanandaj county, and using the method of scientific tissue culture, it produces 300,000 fitting saplings and another unit in Qorveh county with annual production capacity of 100,000 saplings using bare-root technique.”

He indicated, “Rosa damascena cultivation takes place using two methods of dryland farming and irrigation, either through root cutting or root sprouts (suckers). The farm will start to bud in the second year of cultivation.”

The executive manager of Medicinal Plants National plan of Agriculture Jihad of Kurdistan Province went on to say, “Some of the productions are dried for household workshops and the rest are taken to special workshops in areas outside the province to be processed and used to produce rosewater.”

Moradi said, “In comparison with other orchards, Rosa damascena orchards require much less water, as such that if other orchards require 25 times of watering throughout the year, Rosa damascena orchards require, say 5 times.”

He noted, “Agriculture Jihad Organization of Kurdistan advises that in the western part of the province which has more precipitation, Rosa damascena is to be cultivated using dryland farming, and in the eastern areas with little precipitation, this produce should be cultivated using irrigation method.”

Kurdistan Province has 44 thousand hectares of orchard lands, with 70,000 beneficiaries, producing an annual of 330,000 tonnes of various products.

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