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Release date : Sunday 24 May 2015 - 9:32

Production of Over 2200 Plant Commodities in Iran

Production of Over 2200 Plant Commodities in Iran

Dr. Mohammd Hasan Assareh said, “134 plant products and medicine were included in the Ministry of Health indenture in 2005. However, last year this number rose to over 2200.

Dr. Mohammad Hasan Assareh said, “There needs to be a lot of laboratory research, animal and clinical trials, so that plant compounds are presented in the form of medicine and plant products. This rise is an indication of an impressive leap in this regard.”

He stated, “This grand and important measure which has been administered in the last few years, is the result of the work and efforts of the researchers and planning of the officials in charge.”

Assareh  referred to the establishment and strengthening of traditional medicine universities in some areas of the country and said, “At the moment, there are eight traditional medicine faculties and educational departments  in medical universities that are providing education at PhD  levels to doctors-to-be  of traditional medicine.”

Secretary of Iran’s National Council for Science and Technology Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine, referring to the fact that traditional medicine practitioners are promoting the culture of Iranian and Islamic medicine and the suitable use of herbal therapy methods, added, “General medical practitioners who have specialized in traditional medicine can assist in the promotion of  health level of people by providing them with simpler methods and lower costs  with the use of both modern and traditional medicine.”

 Governmental Support and Appropriate Policy-making are the Main Factors in Medicinal Plants Development

He considered the governmental support, appropriate policy-making, passing of bills and medicinal plants and traditional medicine document  as the most important factors in the development of medicinal plants field.

Assareh  went on to say, “Due to these factors and the persistence of those involved in this field, we are witnessing the expansion of medicinal plants cultivation areas and a special consideration for plant products and herbal medicines  in the country, year after year. “

Referring to the close tie between medicinal plants and traditional medicine, he added, “The prescription of medicinal plants are overlooked in Iran due to the fact that traditional medicine has been neglected for so long.”

Secretary of Iran’s National Council for Science and Technology Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine announced that the revival of traditional medicine is the most important factor to institutionalize the use of plant products and herbal medicines.

Source: Medicinal Plants Educational News Network

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