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Release date : Monday 25 March 2019 - 15:09

Herbal Drinks with Medicinal Properties Produced in Iran

Herbal Drinks with Medicinal Properties Produced in Iran

Researchers from an Iranian Knowledge-based company have succeeded in producing carbonated drinks with herbs and natural raw ingredients.

In her interview with Mehr News Agency, Hoda Akhbari, the sales manager of the herbal drinks company, said, “In this knowledge-based company, we have succeeded in producing the very first natural drink without any form of preservatives. This soft drink does not contain any additives such as citric acid nor does it have acetic acid, it obtains its acidity from the natural extracts of lemon.”

Akhbari pointed out that the soft drink is not a combination of harmful but tasty acids and added that the drink is a natural extract without any artificial ingredients.” In order to provide a sweet taste to this natural drink, the least amount of sugar has been added, based on standards.” She also indicated that the drink has medicinal properties, “The product has all the properties of ginger, without its sharp taste.”

Referring to the properties of this soft drink, the manager of the knowledge-based company further noted, “The drink contains ginger and lemon, which has anticancerous properties, makes it ideal for digestive system  as well as helps regulate pulse rates. Also, the herbs and natural products detoxify the body. The drink is dye and additive free, therefore, it is harmless for children.”

Akhbari indicated, “Phosphates and Nitrates are the two main causes for soft drinks to be unhealthy and the lack of them in our soft drink is the reason why our soft drink is considered healthy. There is not even an artificial color in the product.” She pointed out that the product is now available in the market and that it is planned to be exported to the neighboring as well as the European countries.

According to this sales manager the knowledge-based company was founded based on international standards in 2015, and aimed at producing and distributing a variety of healthy, herbal and traditional natural-based products with a special consideration for the well-being of the society. She referred to the production of this healthy drink as a great, effective step in providing the health of families and the society, then added, “The research and development department of this  company is planning to introduce new flavors to the market soon.”


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