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Release date : Sunday 17 May 2015 - 21:55

Researchers, Professors and Students to Find a Remedy for the Selling of Raw Medicinal Plants

Researchers, Professors and Students to Find a Remedy for the Selling  of Raw Medicinal Plants

The vice minister for traditional medicine of Ministry of Health and Medical Education, in the closing ceremony of the 4th National Congress in Medicinal Plants demanded the researchers, professors and students to start taking actions against the selling of raw medicinal plants.

In the closing ceremony of the 4th National Congress in Medicinal plants, Dr. Mahmoud Khodadoust pointed out the time and cost of manufacturing a single drug  and said, “In order to produce a single drug, more than 800 million dollars and between 10 to 17 years is required.”

“For this reason, only 31 new drugs have entered the market in 2008.” , he mentioned.

“Everyone is seeking to shorten the time span and to reduce the cost of drug manufacturing, to do this we need to use traditional medicine and medicinal plants.”, he added.

While referring to the climatic varieties in Iran, he said, “Since Iran has a variety of climates it makes it a suitable place for cultivation and growth of medicinal plants.”

He stated that, “According to the studies carried out on 1,355 drugs, over 30 percent have some sort of natural bases, this number represents the tendency of the people of the world towards these kinds of drugs.”

Vice  Minister for Traditional Medicine said, “According to this study, among anti-cancer drugs, those which include natural base such as plants, minerals and animal products will reach up to 33 percent.”

He continued to say, “Most of the countries, including Iran, are trying to use these capacities for treating diseases and illnesses.”

He went on to emphasize the use of medicinal plants in the country and said, “We must pave the way for the use of these drugs, as per upstream documents such as ‘the 5th Development plan of health policy communicated by the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran’ and National Document for Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine Development.”

He further highlighted rules and regulations in medicinal plants and said, “These kinds of drugs must not be used without a physician’s order nor without consideration of their effects.”

Khodadoust asserted the supervision on production and distribution of medicinal plants and stated, “False advertisements and extortion must be prevented in this regard so that people will be able to use these drugs with utmost reassurance.”

“Unfortunately, we do not use medicinal plants properly and this needs to be changed.” , he said.

Khodadoust stated  that, “According to the estimations, there are 750 thousand plant species in the world,  approximately 75 thousand of which have medicinal effects and 20 thousand of this number have medical applications.”

 He claimed that, “Despite the country’s abilities and varieties, medicinal plants are sold in a raw form, therefore, serious proceedings must be done in order to process medicinal plants in Iran.”

He went on to say, “With the help of the reliable sources in the field of medicinal plants and traditional medicine, the world intends to take shortcuts on the application of these  plants so that people will benefit from the advantages and the uses of medicinal plants and herbal medicines.”

Vice  Minister for Traditional Medicine demanded the researchers, professors and students to assist in the long term plans of the country and the optimum use of medicinal plants, so that the selling of raw medicinal plants can be prevented.

In the closing ceremony of the 4th National Congress in Medicinal Plants, 10 posters and 28 lecturers were honored and praised.

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