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Release date : Tuesday 9 June 2015 - 9:37

Iran-Japan Cooperation in the Field of Medicinal Plants to be Boosted

Iran-Japan Cooperation in the Field of Medicinal Plants to be Boosted

Satoshi Nimora, Japan’s trade liaison officer said: “There is an effort to establish a bilateral and beneficial relation between the Iranian and the Japanese scientists.”

Satoshi Nimora, the manager of Nimora the Japanese company, has traveled to Iran for the lecture on the companies “Biological Outlook” in the 1st International and  9th National Biotechnology Congress held in Shahid Beheshti University.

He added, “‘Biological outlook’ is a new term which follows and invests in commercial activities in the field of genetic resources (such as medicinal plants), values and priorities.”

Nimora stated that, “As a biological outlook company we tend to make a network of the necessary interactions within the countries.”

 He went on to say, “This has already taken place in some countries such as Malaysia, Bhutan, etc. Therefore, there is a support of the companies that are aligned with our goals and purposes, and we try to establish  suitable interactions between the developed countries and these companies.”

This trade liaison officer from Japan admired the packaging of medicinal plants in Iran and said, “We are willing to familiarize our people with this achievement because the packaging in Iran is of high standards.”

In this meeting, the Secretary for National Council for Science and Technology Development for Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine- Vice Presidency for Science and Technology explained about the work and responsibilities of this council and said, “We have been able to use the medicinal plants genetic resources to produce medicinal plants of high qualities. These productions are exported to various countries, Japan included.”

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Assareh referring to the traditional medicine of Iran said, “Iran has so much to offer since it can use both its traditional medicine, which has been practiced since the time of Avicenna, along side the world’s modern medicine.”

Regarding the plants resources of Iran he said, “Iran is the origin of various kinds of plants, such as saffron, which have been native to it from the very beginning.”

Assareh expressed some of the Council’s goals and purposes of this meeting as being, the hope for the signing of MOUs between the Iranian and the Japanese companies in order to pave the way for export.

The manager of Nimora Japan went on to visit some of the medicinal plants knowledge-based companies and got acquainted with their products.

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