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Release date : Friday 6 May 2016 - 14:58

About 700 Papers to be Presented in 5th National Congress on Medicinal Plants

About 700 Papers to be Presented in 5th National Congress on Medicinal Plants

Scientific secretary for the 5th National Congress on Medicinal Plants said, “680 papers will be presented in this event, out of which 35 are in the form of lecture and the rest are posters.”

In an interview, Dr. Peyman Salehi told the scientific reporter of IRNA, “About 900 papers were sent to the secretariat of this congress, 680 of which have been accepted after refereeing.”
Referring to this year’s papers as being mostly in the field of medicine and pharmacy, he added, “Some of the activities of medicine and pharmacy faculties are regarding the effects and application of medicinal plants and herbal extracts.
“Holding of an exhibition and choosing the 10 best posters are among the programs of this congress,” Salehi also noted, “About 20 companies will display their products to the visitors of the exhibition.”
He named basic sciences, agriculture, natural resources, medicine, veterinary, industry and economy as some of the pivots of this congress then pointing out the presence of the industry owners, producers, and medicinal plants’ exporters, he added, “On the second day of this congress, four of the representatives of private companies will be giving a speech in respect to their findings and achievements.”
Salehi went on to say, “Those interested can visit the following website of this congress for more information,
The 5th National Congress on Medicinal Plants will be held on 18th and 19th of May in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Researchers and those active in this field will attend this congress.


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