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Release date : Monday 20 June 2016 - 10:43

450 Medicinal Plants Species Identified in Ardabil Province

450 Medicinal Plants Species Identified in Ardabil Province

Head of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad of Ardabil Province announced that 450 medicinal plants species have been identified in Ardabil province.

In a meeting concerning the alteration methods of cultivation program, Mr. Adil Sarvi said, “A variety of medicinal plants have been identified all throughout Ardabil province and in all counties.”

He deemed medicinal plants a valuable commodity due to its value added and said, “It is in the agenda of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad to expand medicinal plants’ cultivation and develop their products.”

This head of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad stressed that, “In this state, which the agricultural products are exported out of the province without value added, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad considers it a priority to change the cropping pattern at the same time prioritize the products and process industries.”

According to Sarvi, on the aforementioned basis, processing medicinal plants can lead to value added and exporting them contributes to the economy of the agriculture of the province.”

Meanwhile, he referred to the expansion of other agricultural products in the province and said, “The cropping pattern has been prepared for all other counties of the province.”

According to this head of Agriculture Jihad of Ardabil province, the cultivation of Saffron, jujube, pistachio, peanut, and the purposeful cultivation of other products such as oilseeds and potatoes have all been included in the agenda.

Mehr News Agency


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