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Release date : Thursday 30 June 2016 - 11:02

20 Percent Increase in Saffron Export in 2016

20 Percent Increase in Saffron Export in 2016

Referring to Iran’s rank as number one in production and export of saffron, head of Iran’s National Saffron Council said, “There has been up to 20 percent increase in the export of this product, this year.”

Seyed Ali Hosseini added, “After the removal of sanctions, the best thing that has happened in Iran’s saffron market is the export if Iranian saffron to the US.”

He specified that, “In the 90s, Saffron market was dominated by Spain; but at the moment , it is dominated by Iran. However, if saffron production and export is not managed properly, there will be a possibility that Iran loses this ready market.”

A while ago, the head of Saffron Export Union, Gholamreza Miri, had announced that there was a decline in the export of saffron, this year. However, Hosseini stressed that, not only there has not been a decrease in the export of saffron, this product has actually had a 10 to 20 percent export increase.

Head of Iran’s National Saffron Council indicated that the lifting of the sanctions against Iran has had an  increasing effect  in exports, then added, “The removal of the sanctions has made it possible for Iran to enter the US market. At least 300 to 400 kilos of saffron have been exported to the US, since the sanctions ended.”

Concerning the problems of the saffron exporters, he said, “A saffron exporter is entrapped by foreign exchange dealers.”

Hosseini went on to say, “The problems with budget and financial matters still remain, or gotten even worse. The foreign exchange dealers determine everything for those exporters. It is a fact that, in troubled waters some opportunists try to take advantage of the situation.”

According to him, another issue in the export of saffron is transportation, “Unfortunately, the Iranian airplanes cannot fly to some important destinations. When there is a direct flight to some countries, the cost of transportation will be much cheaper. However, at the moment, some foreign airlines do the task and the prices are astronomical.”

Head of Iran’s National Saffron Council explained, “Iran is now exporting saffron to 46 countries and do not have a competition in this field. Although we do not have a competitor, we need to be vigilant and properly manage the production and export of saffron in order to maintain our top position.”

He stated, “Prior to Iranians, the market for production and export of saffron belonged to the Spanish in the 90s. However, we succeeded in exporting better quality and cheaper saffron.”

Currently,  no country can export 200 tonnes of saffron and so we are the number one rank in the world.

As reported by IRNA, in April of this year, a member of Agriculture, Water and Food Industry Commission of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Asadollah Asgaroladi, had claimed that the most important factors in the decline of saffron export were to do with standard and the fact that it takes along time to get permits in this regard.

According to him, Iran’s rivals are the five countries of Spain, China, Australia, the Netherlands, and one African country that are cultivating and producing saffron.

Islamic Republic News Agency

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