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Release date : Saturday 27 August 2016 - 22:44

The First Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants’ Conference Held in Hamedan Province

The First Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants’ Conference Held in Hamedan Province

The first Traditional Medicine and Medicinal plants’ Conference was held in Hamedan Province, concurrent with Avicenna’s birthday.

The Traditional Medicine deputy of Ministry of Health and Medical Education said in the conference that we should make the most of our rich heritage and medicinal plants, he then added, “We need to pay more attention to the faith and belief in traditional medicine and its promotion using the Islamic culture.”
Mahmoud Khodadoust went on to say, “At the moment, the medical approach is dependent on the equipment, this reliance is due to lack of proper education and planning, and for the traditional medicine to be successful, there needs to be the cooperation and assistance of the Medical Science University.”
He noted that the ancient Iranian sages and physicians had a special view on traditional medicine, then added, “One of the most important responsibilities of physicians is maintenance of the society’s health, which they need to pay special attention to.”
Jamshidi, the general manager of Natural, Traditional Products and Supplement Supervision of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration indicated that, “1,713 medicinal plant products exist in the country and 366 licenses have been issued to manufacture medicinal extracts.”
In this conference, 60 papers were presented and a book entitled ‘Centennial School of Medical History and Practice in Hamedan’ was unveiled. This book has four chapters and is compiled by Mansour Heidari, Masoud Rafii and Saeed Bashirian.
The 22nd of August has been named Doctors’ day and Hamedan’s day, for it marks Avicenna’s birthday.
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