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Release date : Monday 10 July 2017 - 14:06

The Value of Medicinal Plants Products Reached 6000 Billion Rial Last Year

The Value of Medicinal Plants Products Reached 6000 Billion Rial Last Year

Minister of Health and Medical Education said, “Based on the capacities and programs of the 12th government administration, the employment issue in the field of medicinal plants is of significance.”

According to ISNA, in the closing ceremony of  the 2nd Medicinal Plants Festival in Natanz, Dr. Seyed Hasan Hashemi indicated, “Considering the great feedback of medicinal plants issue in Iran,  the government has had a special emphasis on the employment in this area.”

He added, “In the 11th government administration, there was over 230 percent increase in the production of traditional and herbal medicine, which a high figure.”

The minister of Health and Medical Education further noted, “There are so many varieties of medicinal plants species in Iran, which represents the high capacity in the production of these plants.”

He said, “Last year, this country was able to produce medicinal plants with the value of 6000 billion rial. This figure will likely rise with the collaboration and cooperation of the experts and professionals of this field.”

Hashemi concluded, “There needs to be a two to three-year training courses for herbalists, in order to prevent fraud and misuse in this field.”


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