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Release date : Tuesday 11 April 2017 - 13:44

Ministry of Agriculture Jihad Supports Medicinal Plants Digital Businesses

Ministry of Agriculture Jihad Supports Medicinal Plants Digital Businesses

All those active in the field of medicinal plants are hereby invited to present their plans, ideas and projects to our office, in order to create and develop the relevant businesses in the cyberspace. Having received them, the best plans and ideas will be chosen and the necessary cooperation and support will be given to set up and implement the projects.

According to a report by the News Network of Medicinal plants Education, considering the Minister of Agriculture Jihad’s communication, ‘Medicinal Plants National Plan’ started its work as an independent center with the management of Dr. Peyman Yousefi Azar in September of 2016. Its goals are: diversification, cultivation development, revival of the natural habitats, improvement of medicinal plants items especially the rare, unique endemic ones, making cultivable medicinal and pasture plants, systematizing, planning and benefiting from the capacities of private sectors in order to move past selling raw medicinal plants and reach a point where value added for the export of  medicinal plants is increased.

Since the medicinal plants industry is in the form of a chain of activities and processes, we must consider each link as unique. This chain consists of several links such as producing input, plant, preparing crops, storage, transportation, primary and secondary production as well as domestic and foreign markets.

A glance at the medicinal plants condition in the country at the moment, and you will see that there are serious problems and shortages in all the links, that not only do they cause inefficiency and ineffectiveness, but they also impact other links of the chain.

Therefore, the center for Medicinal Plants National Plan has arranged its policies and programs based on the chains of medicinal plants industry and so far it has fulfilled considerable activities in this regard.

As this year is termed “Economy of Resistance, Production and Employment”, and taking into account that cyberspace has potentials for employment, this center has included in its agenda,  plans to develop businesses relevant to the links of the chain of medicinal plants industry value in the cyberspace. Therefore, it is requested of the pundits and those active in the field of medicinal plants, to provide this center with their plans, ideas and projects to develop all relevant businesses in cyberspace such as activities regarding selling, marketing, technical counseling, providing information and transference of knowledge, etc…having received them, this office will choose the best ideas and plans for further necessary cooperation and support in order to help set up and implement them.

Please send your ideas and plans together with your contact information to the following email address: or the telegram @drmnmm.


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