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Release date : Monday 10 June 2019 - 19:02

Top National Start-up Ideas of Medicinal Plants Introduced in Shahrekord

Top National Start-up Ideas of Medicinal Plants Introduced in Shahrekord

Top National start-up ideas of medicinal plants were for the first time introduced in Shahrekord.

The secretary of the seminar of National Start-up of Medicinal Plants said, “To start the seminar, 175 ideas were sent in 3 sections of students, university students and free.”

Amin Shah Mohammdadi added, “After the three-day seminar and educational workshop as well as evaluation of the ideas, the following top three ideas were chosen: natural hair color using nanotechnology by Reyhaneh Shokouhizadeh from Shahrekord, medicinal tourism by Razieh from Isfahan and medicinal plants requirements website by Mojtaba Mirahmadi from Arak.”

According to him, the idea of educating traditional medicine and medicinal plants using animation, by Seyed Hossein Mohammadi and Setayesh Mohammadi, using sesame residuum to improve the growth of plants and fruit bearing trees by Nastaran Ansarian from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and making novel buckets using medicinal plants by Hossein Hassan Salahshour and Alireza Pourabdollah were also among ideas worth honoring .

Referring to the importance of commercialization of the ideas and making new businesses, he noted, “Participating companies in this seminar vowed to support the presented ideas.”

Shah Mohammadi said, “Cultivation, growth and harvest, processing, packaging and industry, natural resources and environment, sales, marketing, economy and commerce, identification, education, medicine, treatment as well as traditional medicine, were all topics of the participating ideas in this scientific seminar.”

The first seminar on National Start-up of Medicinal Plants started on April 30 and ended by introducing the top ideas.


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