In Saffron National Committee Meeting in Khorasan Razavi Province, Dr. Hossein Zeinali indicated that the main policy of the Medicinal Plants National Plan is to provide standard seeds, he then added, “It is required to invest in standard seeds production of medicinal plants, which is the foundation of medicinal plants development in the country.”

He further noted, “With the aim of producing standard seeds of medicinal plants and with the shared collaboration of  Medicinal Plants National Plan as well as  Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute, limited certifications have been issued for the seeds production of coriander and cumin as well as saffron bulbs.”

Zeinali said, “At the moment certifications are being issued for cumin seeds in Fariman County and coriander seeds in Nahavand County.”

It should be noted that in the “limited certifications”, items such as existing weed, diseases, seed vigor, moisture and external substances are investigated by the Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute and a certificate is issued. The producers are responsible for the genetic purity of seeds.