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Release date : Sunday 13 September 2015 - 18:34

The 2nd Mint National Festival to be Held in Fin-Kashan

The 2nd Mint National Festival to be Held in Fin-Kashan

Kashan Municipality- the Center for Strategic Communication and International Affairs is going to hold the 2nd Mint National Festival between the 16th and 18th September.

About the festival:

The Supreme Leader, “The main part of the economic Jihad is the issue of national production and if we are able to boost the country’s production, the problem of inflation and unemployment will be solved.”

 Iran is a country of seven thousand years of culture and civilization and today due to its adherence to moral and ethical principles, and its long time independence, it is the center of all sorts of invasion from the world of exploiters and tyrants.

 In a world where the materialists have their fingers on the trigger and wish to conquer independent countries by tricking them into war and bloodshed, when they confronted the powerful Iranian nation, they got disappointed at their modern weaponry, therefore, they started all forms of economic sanctions against Iran.

 In the years after the revolution, our great oil reservoirs made us negligent in other fields, this God-given blessing that in the first stormy years of the revolution and during the 8 years of imposed war caused our economic wheel to spin, can one day bring us misfortune. Just as the Supreme Leader has notified us these recent years, if we are still dependent on Khuzestan oil wells, then undoubtedly, we, our revolution, our faith and beliefs have all been defeated.

 The only way to fight exploitation, these days, is to have national production, whether in the field of agriculture, industry, or technology and the production of knowledge.

  Agriculture is one of the most important and strategic branches of a country’s economy. Since Iran has a unique geographical situation and products, not only can it free itself from dependency to foreign food products but also it can help substitute oil dependency with agricultural products. Iran’s medicinal plants are among the famous products which can undoubtedly play a major role in this.

 According to all the agricultural experts, the fertile lands of Fin-Kashan and the villages in its vicinity have one of the best mints in the world, which unfortunately, due to several reasons, it has been left unknown. This is a product that if it is dealt with properly, a huge economic change may occur in this area and consequently in the national economy. Dealing with it involves, the expansion of planting mint, the mechanization of planting, growing and harvesting procedures, the extraction of mint oils and dried mint leaves to begin with and ultimately, it will end up being introduced to domestic and international markets.

 This will only happen if there is cooperation and collaboration between people and the officials. People who are responsible to plant and produce and officials who are to pave the way.

The items in the festival:

  • Planting
  • Growing and harvesting mint
  • Processing technology of mint
  • Economy, commerce and packaging industry
  • Application in pharmacy
  • Traditional medicine
  • Other relevant issues


The festival calender:

  • The date of the festival is between the 16th to 18th of September 2015
  • The papers are to be delivered by the 6th of September
  • The referee results and the invitation are on the 11th of September
  • The signing up for the workshops is until 13th September

The secretariat Address: Kashan Municipality- the Center for Strategic Communication and International Affairs, Amirieh Street, Kashan

The festival’s programs:

1- The call for papers with the following subjects:

  • Agriculture
  • Packaging process and the relevant industries
  • Economy and commerce
  • Application in pharmacy and traditional medicine
  • Other relevant subjects

2- Educational and technical workshops:

In order to elevate the farmers and the people’s knowledge, workshops and meetings, taught by prominent professors, with the following topics have been included in the sidelines of the festival:

A- Exclusively for farmers, on the economic and technical topics of planting mint

B- Available to the public, on the role of medicinal plants and the properties of mint

3- The guests’ visit of the farms in the area, the traditional and the industrial workshops, and the relevant industrial complexes

4- The festival’s technical, special publication

5- The holding of an exhibition of the local products

6- The festival’s closing ceremony including: the presentation of the best papers, acknowledgment of the best papers and the best farmers of mint, the unveiling of the festival’s commemorative stamp, etc.

The festival’s website:

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